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    Providing purpose for brain health optimization.

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    Providing practical solutions to augment brain wellness through online services.

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  • Innovation

    As a company, we rely on the latest scientific research and your student voices to guide our service development.

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    As a company, we foster a supportive and collaborative learning environment to encourage your personal brain wellness journey.

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    As a company, we pride ourselves on offering genuine services, trustworthy information, and reliable resources to our students.

Our Model of Brain Wellness

Our model of brain wellness guides our service development and program offerings.

Our Leadership Team

Meet our compassionate, experienced Leadership Team focused on aging well.

Our Leadership Team boasts nearly 70 years of expertise in aging and wellness built on a solid foundation of educational attainment from our respective fields- gerontology (the study of aging), psychology, behavioral health, nursing, education, and more!

We share a passion for doing the next right thing.

We have collaborated together to make information about aging and brain health accessible to adults and carers through education, support, and resources.

We offer timely information about aging, brain wellness, and memory care while debunking myths of aging (and the aging brain) along the way!

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Dr. Krystal L. Culler,

Founder & Creative Director

About Krystal...

Dr. Culler is the Founder & Creative Director of the Virtual Brain Health Center. Krystal has spent nearly 5 years in Executive-level positions with health non-profit organizations and has over 15 years-experience working with individuals with brain health concerns, their families, and advocacy organizations. Under her leadership, the centers have received 4 international and national awards from leading organizations in the aging care sector for innovation in brain health programming and community impact including honors from the International Council on Active Aging, Mather Lifeways Institute on Aging, the American Society on Aging and the Southern Gerontological Society on Aging. Additionally, she has been recognized through the receipt of 4 personal leadership awards for her contributions to the field including the Global Brain Health Leaders Award (2019) from the Alzheimer’s Association, Alzheimer’s Society, and Global Brain Health Institute, and Crain’s Cleveland Business 40 Under Forty (2017).

  • Mind: Krystal is a Doctor of Behavioral Health with a background in the behavioral sciences (psychology of aging, gerontology, and sociology). She is a Senior Atlantic Fellow with the Global Brain Health Institute, where she was the first scholar from the United States to complete her residency training at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland on dementia prevention and the social determinants of brain health. She has an unwavering commitment to promote brain health equity to individuals of all ages and the communities she serves.

  • Body: Krystal is currently prioritizing the restfulness aspects of her brain wellness. For years she has worked to manage her own neurological health issues which impact her sleep. She is also exploring different types of meditation and striving to make this a daily practice. (Drumming is currently her favorite but she prefers this experience with a group!)

  • Heart: Krystal can typically be found curled up reading a good book (likely related to the brain) with her weighted dog blankets and fat cat. Her adorable, fun, witty nieces and nephews make her heart smile along with her handsome husband Jake.

  • She is a featured expert in over 30+ mainstream media features including USA Today, the New York Times, AARP, Thrive Global, Reader’s Digest and many more! She has over 40 peer- reviewed presentations at professional conferences and she has educated thousands of adults and professionals on a variety of topics related to aging, brain health, and memory care. She is a National Board of Director Member of Wellness Wishes and a member of the American Society on Aging.

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LeAnne Stuver,
M.Ed., BSN

Director of Lifelong Learning

About LeAnne...

LeAnne is the Director of Lifelong Learning at the Virtual Brain Health Center. LeAnne directed a comprehensive lifelong learning program on a senior living campus for many years. She has also taught educational programs to both older adults and professional audiences in many different venues. She has one publication through the American Society on Aging about creating educational opportunities for older adults in a senior living setting. She is also a trained facilitator for the evidence-based Savvy Caregiver Program.

  • Mind: LeAnne has a master’s degree in education with a focus on health education. She has over twenty years of experience planning and implementing educational programs for adult learners. She is also a registered nurse with 10 years of hospital experience. She has first-hand caregiver experience with her live-in aging parents, helping them to maintain their quality of life despite complex health care needs. She is passionate about educating the community in practical ways they can learn to support their brain health and wellness.

  • Body: LeAnne walks three miles every morning with a friend. She is also trying to develop a consistent yoga and meditation practice – but this is a work in progress!

  • Heart: LeAnne loves to read (several different genres) and binge watch television series online (medical, law or family dramas). She and her husband Ron are avid soccer fans, having followed their two adult sons through all levels of youth, high school, and college soccer. Her older son is a local high school assistant soccer coach and her younger son is a professional soccer player – so the journey continues.

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Patricia Faust,

Director of Brain Wellness

About Patricia...

Patricia is honored to be the Director of Brain Wellness for the Virtual Brain Health Center. This venture promises to be the highlight of her career. Patricia is a Gerontologist, Brain Health Specialist, and Certified Clinical Aromatherapist. She drives all of her programs and presentations through PCF Consulting. She authors a well-known blog, My Boomer Brain, which impacts an international audience and has grown to include speaking, coaching, consulting, and teaching. Patricia is the Director of Successful Senior Aging with Wellness Wishes, a health non-profit organization. Through this position, she is able to reach underserved seniors and share the power of brain health.

  • Mind: In her third act, when Patricia was 50 years old, she embarked on a career change and learning curve to broaden her training at the Ohio Academy of Holistic Health and at Mount St. Joseph University in Cincinnati. Patricia obtained her BA in Gerontology, a Certificate in Clinical Aromatherapy, and a Nursing Home Administrators license. She continued her training at the Miami University in Oxford, Ohio and received her Master’s in Gerontological Studies degree to make a difference in the lives of aging adults. Patricia is driven by the knowledge that we can change our brains and actually prevent Alzheimer’s disease- this is her passion.

  • Body: After two automobile accidents two weeks apart, Patricia decided to change her life course. There are always challenges to overcome as we move through our path in life. Some health roadblocks along the way have made Patricia take a step back and use the brain healthy lifestyle lessons that she teaches. She is able to use her own experiences with an aging brain and aging body as the stimulus to get other aging adults moving to take good care of themselves.

  • Heart: Patricia has two teenage granddaughters who amaze her with their creativity, intellect, and world views. She loves learning how Gen Z thinks, especially when she is working with aging adults all the time. A new granddaughter brings everything back to beginnings- it is impossible for Patricia not to smile when she sees this little one laugh. It is the best of both worlds and she feels so fortunate to have such a loving family.

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Kali Sarver

Kali is grateful and excited to be an intern for the VBHC for the Spring 2021 semester. She is a Senior at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. She is in two research labs and is currently working on her honors thesis in one of the labs. Kali is currently going through the recruitment process for doctoral programs to pursue cognitive psychology and neuroscience. Her goal is to research with the older adult community who have neurodegenerative diseases and find ways to improve quality of life and longevity among these patients.

  • Mind: Kali is an undergraduate at Miami University and has a major in Psychology and a minor in Gerontology. She prides herself on being a great student and has made the Dean’s List for five semesters and the President’s List twice in a row. Kali will be graduating with departmental honors this May. She has experience working in a personal care home as a nurse’s aide and thoroughly enjoyed this experience. She plans to research with older adults who have neurodegenerative diseases as a way to advocate for this community.

  • Body: Admittedly, exercise is not something Kali looks forward to doing. She knows exercise is good for her health, so she makes an effort to be active throughout the week. She enjoys yoga and rowing and will occasionally accompany her friend to weight training. Her favorite form of activity is taking a long walk outside and allowing herself to appreciate nature. Kali also makes a conscious effort to eat healthily and loves brain-healthy foods like various fruits, fish (in the form of sushi), and avocados.

  • Heart: When she is at school, Kali’s favorite thing to do in her free time is binge watch her favorite TV shows with her roommates and her recently adopted kitten. When she is back in her hometown, she cherishes spending time with her boyfriend and her family dogs. Kali also loves listening to music and crime-themed podcasts whenever possible.

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