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Our company offers high-quality, live-streamed, interactive courses provided by experienced industry professionals on a wide variety of topics related to healthy aging, brain wellness, and memory care. 

Our circadian rhythm, also known as our internal body clock, is our body's preference to engage in particular tasks at a given time of the day for optimal function and performance. 

In translating the currently available science into actionable steps that we can take in our daily lives; our program calendar is intentionally designed to optimize brain wellness through the following course times and purposeful engagement. 

We provide approximately 20-30 brain-based educational lectures and events per month on rotating days of the week. On our class days, our programs are offered three times per day at 11:00 AM, 2:00 PM, and 7:00 PM EST.  

Each October we celebrate Active Aging Week with the International Council on Active Aging for a 5-day calendar of free, virtual events focused on the dimensions of wellness.

Check out our current program calendar and follow us for upcoming event information.

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