Prioritize Your Spiritual Wellness

Gain spiritual practices to support your overall health & well-being.

This program provides information on the value of spiritual wellness and how spiritual practices support overall health.

The tools and techniques provided in this program are based on medical and scientific research and have been proven to help participants ability to experience more positive emotions, increase coping skills, and better manage stress can change.

The classes will cover the basics of spiritual wellness including the value of positive thinking, the health benefits of gratitude, and how to utilize stress reduction techniques and meditation to improve your health and overall well-being.

Dr. Jim Concotelli

Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Jim Concotelli, Ph.D., MSW has a masters in social work and doctorate in educational psychology from the  university of Kentucky with an emphasis in gerontology and wellness.

He recently retired from over 30 years of experience in senior leadership positions in senior housing working in resident engagement program development. Jim has developed several award-winning mind- body wellness programs that are currently active in thousands of senior retirement communities across the country.

Jim has traveled to China where he studied  traditional health and longevity practices with master teachers and is certified by the Chinese Healing Arts Center.