Tai Chi

Meditation in Motion

A low-impact, slow-motion exercise where one continuously moves through a series of motions-commonly described as meditation in motion. A mind-body practice that is supported by a growing body of research for its numerous heath benefits. Join this class to experience its health boosting impact first-hand.

(No prior experience required, just an open mind and willingness to try something new. Appropriate for all levels of fitness.)

Ted Smith

Adjunct Faculty Member

Collaborative Partner

Ted Smith has studied nine different Internal Healing Martial Arts since 1991. More than exercise, it is considered medicine as well as philosophy. He has collaborated with Western and Eastern medical doctors, engineers, physicists, theologians, and practitioners from India, Israel, and China.

He and his wife, Therese, married in 1995. They have three children. Since 2011, Smith has focused his efforts on teaching Internal Arts to senior citizens in various retirement communities in NE Ohio. Helping them improve their physical and mental health. He is also a regular presenter for many life-long-learning programs, focusing on history and philosophy. His long term goal is to reconcile the great spiritual teachings of the East and West with current scientific understanding.

Beginning in 2012, Ted was asked to present a series of lectures, TED-Talks-style classes, geared towards adult learners attending non-credit adult education programs at local colleges and universities in NE Ohio. Since then he has developed over 280 hours of classes, discussion topics, and thought-provoking material which he is excited to share with participants at the Virtual Brain Health Center.