Breath is the main bridge between the body & the mind.

Breathing exercises for your daily life

The way we breathe matters as breathing is one of the pillars of good health.

Breathing, apparently, a simple process of inhaling and exhaling oxygen, when performed effectively, can have a substantial impact on the physiology of the body.

Our breath is magical and most people don’t understand the superpower of breathing.

We breathe roughly 20,000 times a day and if done correctly we can influence every part of our life from energy to healing.

Join Parveen to learn more about the superpowers of breath and humming and his personal journey with breathwork in our evening disucssion.

I believe everything happens for a reason, and that our experiences in life shape us into who we are today. Hardships and struggles define us, and they can become a source of strength in our journey toward a better life.


Parveen was blessed with a wonderful mother and grandparents, who kept him spiritually motivated. He went through various mood swings, gut health issues, addiction, stress, depression, sleep disorder, failures, confusion, and negativity. Everything together started to take a toll on his mental and physical health. He suffered from a variety of conditions including anxiety disorder and personality disorders. Plus he had severe mood swings, brain fog, and lacked confidence.


Growing into adulthood, Parveen was still an angry, anxious, stressed, unfocused, and confused young man. Driven by the desire to do something great and make a name for himself, he tried to excel in life – but he never had a clear path to follow.


Parveen’s family chose engineering for him, and before he knew it he found himself thrust into a new world in a country, hundreds of miles away from his family in India. Lacking a support system and surrounded by new people and cultures, Parveen managed to persevere and create a life for himself while he completed his studies.


When things seemed lost, he managed to secure a job in advertising. He became a workaholic, addicted to money and moving up in his career. But while he’d solved his financial problems, his life still lacked meaning and direction. Like most entrepreneurs, Parveen lacked balance in his life, living like a robot in an endless pursuit of more money. After talking to his friends and other entrepreneurs, he discovered that all of them had the same empty void – a feeling of meaninglessness, despite financial success.


Parveen’s life changed when he traveled to an entrepreneur retreat in Utah, where he had the impromptu idea to revive people’s sense of energy, excitement, and purpose in life by using one simple word – “Activated”. He began thinking positively and reshaping his mindsets and outlook on life, and this energized attitude began rubbing off on his fellow entrepreneurs. They started paying attention to his approach to the word Activated, and Parveen’s goal became to defeat his own insecurities and bring positive change to his life by helping others.


This is Parveen’s story – one of addiction, stress, depression, anxiety, failures, confusion, negativity, lack of purpose, resilience, and finally connecting with his true self. Parveen reinvented himself, and he is now dedicated to helping others activate their own hidden inner powers and live the lives that they want.


Our world is under attack from stress, anxiety, depression and negativity, which form the foundation of many chronic diseases and physical ailments. Parveen wants to use his knowledge, experience and inner voice to help awaken others to live happier, healthier, and more meaningful lives, and spread hope and love in this world!

To learn more about Parveen’s work and other projects, please visit his website.