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Tina Cufaro


Collaborative Partner
Tina Cufaro is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN) and Certified Sleep and Stress Management Coach for women. Tina’s overall philosophy addresses the whole person and combines a “soul meets science” approach. It was this philosophy and the okay from her family physician that helped Tina finally conquer her debilitating insomnia, “sleep anxiety” and reliance on prescription and non-prescription drugs in 2015.
Today, Tina thrives with her rescued chocolate lab, Coco, by her side. She continues to live an active and healthy lifestyle hiking, stand up paddleboarding, yoga, and enjoying her creative pursuits.                        

“Women aren’t small versions of men. Our sleep, stress, and changing physical bodies need to be viewed through a different lens. Social, biological, and emotional demands just aren’t the same as our male counterparts. We need a sustainable and compatible approach that’s meant for the female human.” ~ Tina 

If you’d like to follow the adventures of Tina and Coco, learn about her continued commitment to her sleep health, and the sleep health of others- you can follow her on Instagram and Facebook @theholisticsleepcoach. If you’re female, (sorry guys) you can also join her closed Facebook group @learntosleep.