Laughter Yoga for
Health & Wellness

Laughter really is the best medicine...for body, mind and spirit!

Laughter Yoga is a mind-body exercise which counteracts the negative effects of stress and has a profound effect on health and well-being. Based on the scientific fact that the body cannot tell the difference between simulated and real laughter, both produce the same 'happy chemistry'.

In laughter yoga there is no need for jokes, comedy or even a sense of humor to receive the benefits of real laughter. It is accomplished through laughter exercises, deep breathing, stretching and playfulness.

Judi A. Winall

M.Div., CLYT
Adjunct Faculty

Judi A. Winall, M.Div., CLYT is the founder of The Center for Soul Empowerment and has been involved in integrative life healing for 30 years. She is a psychospiritual mentor/teacher, nature photographer and certified laughter yoga teacher, persona;;y trained by the founder of Laughter Yoga, Dr. Maden Kataria.

Judi began offering laughter yoga classes in 2007, as well as certified trainings the following year. PBS Nova came to town to film her monthly LY class and she along with Dr. Kataria were featured in an interview by the magazine, 'Live Happy'. Judi's experience with laughter yoga has shown her what an important tool it is for each individuals' self-empowerment as well their health & well-being, and she delights in every opportunity she has to share it.