Nadine Animato Dance Language

Being premiered at the Virtual Brain Health Center for Brain Awareness Week 2021!

Nadine’s Animato approach to movement and mindfulness through the award-winning methods known as Kinetica Movement Language, Animato Dance Art, and Nevet Technique.

Workshops are provided for both Dancers and People in New York City, Israel, Germany, & Italy.

Kinetica Movement Language

A guided Meditation using the energetic tools of Nadine Bommer’s Animato Dance Art.

By following kinetic energy practitioners are guided through a mindful meditation inspired by the fluidity of the sea and its connection to surrounding nature.

The sea is always in motion as is the energy that flows through us.

Led mindfully by connecting deeply to ourselves we are challenged to stay truly present and follow our paths.

Jamison Goodnight

Adjunct Faculty

AA, BFA, 200hr-RYT, &
ADA Senior Instructor

Jamison Goodnight is a small-town girl from New Jersey.   Growing up in a DIY household taught me the mentality of  “whatever does not kill you makes you stronger” and “what can I do to help” she would find herself reroofing a house or demolishing a barn after school, before pre-professional dance rehearsals, and homework. She firmly believes that the work ethic expected of her as a young child shaped her approach to life as an adult. With the three D’s, dedication, determination, and discipline, Jamison obtained a BFA in Dance Performance at SUNY Purchase while simultaneously acquiring her AA in Business Administration, online and in-person over the summers and winters. Graduating in 2009 she moved to NYC and has been working professionally in her fields as a Dance Performer, Master Instructor, and 200hr RYT Yoga Instructor/Movement Specialist ever since.


Acknowledging the importance of building her business experience Jamison has worked in Human Resources, Busars, Hospitality, and Operations. Starting as an Event Specialist/ Yoga Instructor with an amenities company called hOMh Inc. she worked to develop their wellness programming and Events Department. With help from her team, the department grew 200% and Jamison was promoted to Vice President of Vendors. Choosing to dedicate more energy to sharing her love for movement she decided to step down from her role as VP and pursue Yoga and Dance Education. Today she teaches for top-notch companies such as Spotify, Indeed Job Works, Pinterest, and more through Exubrancy.  As well as privately for Forbes, hOMh Inc., Equinox, Performance Lab, and Individual Clients. 


As a Dancer she has had the privilege to work with renowned choreographers and directors, exploring the Arts world as a freelancer and with years of FullTime work. Currently a Principal Dancer and Animato Dance Art Method instructor with the Nadine Bommer Dance Company, Jamison has had incredible opportunities performing and teaching domestically and internationally; sharing her joy for the Animato Dance Art and developing its educational programs both domestically and abroad. Always having respect for Yoga, she acquired a  200-RYT Certification followed by a Mentorship; studying under Cindy Lanzas at Yoga Vida. With personal experience of how Yoga can heal the body and mind, she feels called to share this offering with others. Her beliefs are that yoga is a fresh breath for the soul; it helps calm the mind and lubricate the body.  


 "Movement is life! Let's move, let's flow, let's find the joy and beauty in everything that surrounds us. Connect and smile with me."- Jamison Goodnight.