Hydrate to Fuel Your Mind & Body

Dehydration can impact the body and the brain in as little as 2 hours.

As we age, our sensation for thirst decreases. It is important to make drinking water part of our daily routine as our brains are mostly water and use 20% of our body's energy. Keeping our brains and body properly hydrated is critical for our health and wellness.

Leadership Team


LeAnne Stuver
M.Ed., BSN
Director of Lifelong Learning

Mind: LeAnne has a master’s degree in education with a focus on health education.  She has over twenty years of experience in planning and implementing educational programs for adult learners.  She is also a registered nurse with 10 years of hospital experience.  She has first-hand caregiver experience with her live-in aging parents, helping them to maintain their quality of life despite complex health care needs. She is passionate about educating the community in practical ways they can learn to support their brain health and wellness. 

Body:  LeAnne walks three miles every morning with a friend.  She is also trying to develop a consistent yoga and meditation practice – but this is a work in progress!

Heart: LeAnne loves to read (several different genres) and binge-watch television series online (medical, law, or family dramas).  She and her husband Ron are avid soccer fans, having followed their two adult sons through all levels of youth, high school, and college soccer.  Her older son is a local high school assistant soccer coach and her younger son is a professional soccer player – so the journey continues.