The LifeStory Challenge

Learn how to capture, preserve, and share your life stories.

You are the only one who holds the key to your priceless LifeStories – the stories of your own life and your family who came before you: Who were they? Where did they come from? What lessons do their lives have to teach us and our children and grandchildren?

This is your story, and it’s your children’s and grandchildren’s legacy too. With so many families these days living socially distanced or just far from each other, the important link between the generations can weaken.

By sharing your memories and precious life stories, you are strengthening that link and connecting to your children and grandchildren in the most powerful way.

Get ready to flex and strengthen your memory muscles, bond with classmates over shared memories, and take a journey to moments that will elicit joy.

This class will feature a series of questions that will engage the mind and prompt you to remember moments you thought you forgot. There will also be story sharing and lots of laughter.

Come to class ready to write, listen, and start creating a legacy.

**If possible, have a picture of yourself as a child available.**

Naomi Grossman

CEO, Life Journey Books

Collaborative Partner

Naomi Grossman, CEO, is an experienced marketing and feature writer, editor, and blogger in the tech and real estate industry for over 20 years. After years of leading life-storytelling workshops for seniors, Naomi published a DIY memoir workbook. Based upon feedback from the workbook, she developed The LifeStory Challenge.