Creative Spark

An interactive session designed to ignite inspiration in us all...

Please, bring paper and colorful pencils/markers along with your sense of play as we explore the benefits of bringing creativity into our daily lives.

Jessica McCracken, Director for Creative Spark, will lead us through drawing, writing, and movement exercises designed to tap into our inner joy and stimulate our whole selves.

This is a fun, accessible program – no prior art experience required!

Let’s make something together!

As Director with Creative Spark, Jessica McCracken inspires creativity into life enrichment and engagement programs. Jessica’s career began with the Center for Elders and Youth in the Arts at Institute on Aging in 2007. 

She holds a Master's Degree in Public Administration from SFSU where she emphasized in Nonprofit Arts Management. 

With great dedication to collaboration, Jessica co-founded Creative Aging San Francisco, a collective of individuals passionate about the arts supporting healthy aging. 

Creative Spark is a program with Covia Community Services which cultivates the next generation of creative engagement professionals through training and curriculum support. To learn more about Creative Spark, contact Jessica.