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Our Philosophy of Brain Care

Wellness Wednesdays

We are passionate about brain health! 

I suppose that should go without saying as we are the Virtual Brain Health Center.  We are a “virtual” business, which allows us to connect with students regardless of their location.

We’re redefining modern education and care by removing barriers to help you get the most out of your wellness routine. We aim to provide practical solutions introduced into your daily life, enabling you to take control of your brain wellness today to help you be healthier tomorrow.  

All our services are based on our philosophy of brain care.

·      Brain health is for everyone and should be targeted and accessible to all ages

·      Brain health is not one size fits all and has many moving parts which should be tailored for each individual and lifestyle

·      Brain health does not have to be expensive!

·      Brain health research identifies risks, but we all have choices to make regarding our own situation

·      Brain health should be part of every health conversation we have with our healthcare team

·      Brain health is a lifelong journey, and it is never too late to start a new brain-healthy habit!

·    Recently, there is much more brain health information available through mainstream media outlets.  Finding reliable sources of information, expertise, and training are vital!  We want to be your one-stop-shop for accurate brain health information!

Our experts can work with you to optimize your brain wellness – no matter your situation or where you live!

Join one of our brain-based educational classes. Or start with a visit to our resource page or book a virtual, healthy-brain check-up to review your individualized goals.

We invite you to connect with us through our new website or our new, FREE app available in the App Store or Google Play.

Keep in touch with us for more updates and thank you for being a part of our growing community.

In brain health and wellness,

Director of Lifelong Learning
Virtual Brain Health Center


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