• Innovative Programs

    Our company offers high-quality, live, interactive courses provided by experienced industry professionals.

  • Caring Connections

    Our company provides a supportive virtual community and opportunities to engage with peers and industry experts.

  • Empowering Wellness

    Our company provides a purpose and expert guidance for brain health optimization through our services.

Our Philosophy of
Brain Care

Guiding our service provision.

  • Brain health is for everyone.

  • Brain health is not expensive.

  • Brain health information should be targeted and accessible to everyone of all ages.

  • Brain health research identifies risks but brain health involves personal choices.

  • Brain health is not one size fits all.

  • Brain health is complex and has many moving parts for individuals.

  • Brain health should be provided across services.

  • Brain health is lifelong and it is never too late to start a new brain-healthy habit.

  • Brain health programs and services can be tailored to enhance our lifestyle.

  • Brain health is both a growing interest and concern to most aging adults; thus, expertise, knowledge, and training are vital to address this emerging topic.


Words From Our Students

Impressive Classes & Faculty

Diana (Vevay, IN)

The VBHC offers a most impressive grouping of classes and I was very favorably impressed as well as educated in many areas. I learned so much and am sharing the website with everyone I can think of! The credentials of the Faculty are most impressive. The classes are appropriate for anyone who wants to learn.

Perfect Timing for Programs

Dee (Twinsburg, OH)

This is the stuff I've been looking for that has been missing- your timing could not have been better! It is such a joy to learn new ideas and share new experiences from the comfort of my own home. You have met and exceeded what I was hoping to get from your courses!

Informative Courses

Ann (Ontario, CA)

Fascinating classes that are very informative.
Great instruction.
I have always loved the brain!
I'm glad that I have a place where I can continue to learn more.

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